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Highway's 2018 Charity fundraiser
We’ve decided to run an annual charity fund-raising event.  This first year’s will be in support of ...
20 Mar 2018 0
Member Support sessions - bring a friend?
Each month we have 20 Member Support sessions across east and mid Kent! Why not bring a friend, relative or neighb...
18 Feb 2018 0
New online Screenclasses and Documents
Chris Anthony's Refreshing the Basics online course recordings are now online in the Learning & Support Centr...
17 Feb 2018 4
News about Fake News
Fake News has been news for a few months now.  Fuelled by the ease with which people can post stories on the int...
08 Apr 2017 0
Windows 10 major update coming
Over the next few weeks, Microsoft are releasing what is sometimes called a Feature Update.  This means that it ...
07 Apr 2017 0
Shoplifting? No, just the 'next big thing'
Watch this video to glimpse how Amazon see the future of shopping!
06 Dec 2016 1
Careful what you say...
Just when you thought that CCTV and face recognition software had just about got everyone 'covered', there is...
09 Nov 2016 0
Yahoo email hack
You may have seen recently in the news that Yahoo has admitted that details of 500 million accounts had been hacked i...
30 Sep 2016 0
BBC iPlayer announcement
The BBC has announced that users of the iPlayer will have to log in with a personal account from sometime next year.&...
27 Sep 2016 0
HP printers and cartridges
I'm not sure how many Highway members have HP printers and whether they use genuine (expensive?) HP cartridges or...
20 Sep 2016 0
WhatsApp – what’s that?
WhatsApp is a free messaging service between phones and other devices.  Some may know this app, some may use it&...
21 Jun 2016 1
Internet use growing for those over 75
Although many Highway members are well under 75.... ...the latest Office for National Statistics (ONS) figure...
21 May 2016 0
BBC website downsizing
The BBC has announced that a number of websites, including BBC Food and Newsbeat, are to close as part of plans to sa...
18 May 2016 0
Remove Apple QuickTime
Some may have the media player called QuickTime on their Windows computer.  This is software produced by Apple a...
19 Apr 2016 4
More sophisticated e-mail scams
Another way of tricking you into opening an attachment to an e-mail came to my Inbox this morning: I've ne...
30 Mar 2016 0
Beware of problems with the latest iPad update
The latest update from Apple for iPads and iPhones is iOS 9.3 However, it has caused problems for some users. ...
29 Mar 2016 1
Flash Player security warning
The BBC posted this article recently.  It just goes to show that add-ons (things that make your browser work in ...
14 Mar 2016 1
07 Mar 2016 0

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