Highway Forum Guidelines

What is the forum for?

The overall theme of this forum is the promotion of Highway as a community-based organisation, providing learning and support for all abilities, from complete beginners to more experienced users.

Whether you have a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, other tablet computer or smartphone we can help with our plain English approach and we trust that this Forum and the people who take part will reflect our jargon-free approach.

The choice is ultimately yours on which Topics you wish to view and comment. If you would like to suggest a different Topic not currently listed, please e-mail or contact us using the Ask us Anything section of the Forum.

You choose which aspects of technology will be useful to you in the Forum when you join the many thousands of others who have previously benefitted from the learning and support that Highway provides.

We will continue to emphasize the unique perspectives and approaches in our Forum posts.

Please remember that these guidelines are intended to give the Forum some consistency; they are not meant to quash your individual voice when contributing to the Forum.

How to use the forum

For details of how to submit a post to the Highway Forum see HOW TO USE THE FORUM

Rules to protect all members who wish to use the forum

What we expect from you:

That you are respectful of other members.

Our members have a wide range of experience and knowledge. Remember that everyone was once a beginner and the forum is there for people with greater experiences to share them with those just starting out.

Everyone makes mistakes, that is how we learn, and while we expect these to be pointed out it should be done with respect.

That you never share any personal information about yourselves or others on the forum.  This will include passwords, full names, addresses and telephone numbers.

That you stick to the topics of this forum unless you have suggestions for new Topics (see above). There are many other forums on the Internet that you can use if you wish to discuss or promote other ideas or views.  By all means use our forum to enquire about which forums to use and if you need help using them.

What we will not allow:

Any commercial activity which will include selling of items or services, or using information on the forum for such purposes. By all means use our forum to enquire about other sites available for such purposes and if you need help using them.

Breaking of copyright laws such as promoting the use of copied software or other material.

Anything that is illegal or promotes an illegal activity.

Copying information from the forum for another purpose.

Appropriate action will be taken against any Forum User who does not abide by these rules.

The Forum is subject to our standard terms and conditions of the use of this websit